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With his trademark blend of political history, social science, economics, and pop culture, two-time New York Times bestselling author, syndicated columnist, National Review senior editor, and American Enterprise Institute fellow Jonah Goldberg makes the timely case that America and other democracies are in peril as they lose the will to defend the values and institutions that sustain freedom and prosperity. Instead we are surrendering to populism, nationalism and other forms of tribalism.

What people are saying about Suicide of the West

“…an important exploration of why we’re giving up the philosophy that built the modern West.”
Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire editor-in-chief

“Populist and identity politics are not just unpleasant; they are an existential threat to the American way of life. With characteristic wit and erudition, Jonah Goldberg argues that if you value democracy and a free society, you must stand against ideological tribalism, no matter what your politics. ‘Suicide of the West’ raises an alarm everyone needs to hear and makes clear the path we need to take.”
-Arthur C. Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute

“…epic and debate-shifting..”
David Brooks, New York Times columnist

“More than any book published so far in this century, [Suicide of the West] deserves to be called a conservative classic.”
-Yuval Levin, author, The Fractured Republic

“That’s what I appreciate about the book…it makes me think, it engages in ideas, and fundamentally what the book is saying is: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”
Trevor Noah, host “The Daily Show”

“It is indeed a serious book with perhaps the rarest of things: the potential to change your mind on any number of subjects. That it is written with great good humor and some laugh out loud moments should not disguise that it is very serious and very important…I marvel at its breadth and depth…”
Hugh Hewitt, nationally-syndicated radio talk show host

“Jonah Goldberg has written a powerful lament, sure to make its mark on contemporary political debates.”
James W. Caesar, Claremont Review of Books

“This is the book of the year.”
New York Post

“An absolute must-read.”
Glenn Beck, radio host

“Understanding where America stands calls for someone with an intellectual lens that can integrate Schumpeter and ‘Fight Club,’ Karl Marx and Walter White. In ‘Suicide of the West,’ Jonah Goldberg begins with a compelling thesis, expounds it with massive evidence, and led me to a new and deeper understanding of our predicament. And yet I found myself reading the book for fun. How is it possible with a book this serious? Jonah Goldberg is that good.”

-Charles Murray, author of Coming Apart

“[Suicide of the West] is damn good.”
Dana Perino, Fox News host

“Jonah Goldberg’s ‘Suicide of the West’ is a tour de force. As ever, Goldberg wears his extraordinary erudition lightly as he demonstrates how the ideas that have animated free societies for the past 250 years are the greatest creations of humankind—and how we are imperiling our posterity by the way we mishandle, ignore, and belittle them. This is a very important book.”
-John Podhoretz, editor, Commentary magazine

“…a fantastic book…Highly recommended.”
Brad Thor, New York Times bestselling author

“No book better explains this perilous American moment than Jonah Goldberg’s Suicide of the West. Deeply researched, beautifully written and brilliantly argued, Goldberg uses trademark logic and humor to explain how the “miracle” of liberal democracy and capitalism created the conditions for Western thriving and how complacence about the system could hasten its collapse. Equal parts history and polemic, Suicide of the West is a bracing and necessary reminder that the success of the West is neither accidental nor inevitable. It will be one of the most important books of the year.”

-Steve Hayes, Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly Standard and a Fox News Contributor

-“Long one of conservatism’s wittiest defenders, Jonah Goldberg turns out to be one of its best contemporary theorists as well. With Suicide of the West, he has provided a topographical map charting the road back from decline.”
Troy Senik, City Journal

“…we need books—and a lot more books—like Suicide of the West that reach a mass public with original and unconventional popular language and cross-cutting arguments.”
Steve Hayward, author, Patriotism Is Not Enough

“…a rich and highly readable book…It is also a deeply humane work…”
Marian L. Tupy, Cato Institute senior analyst

“Goldberg’s book is a timely reminder not to take the blessings of liberty for granted, and to be vigilant in defending and refreshing the institutions that secure them.”
Grant Bosse, editor, New Hampshire Union-Leader

“What Goldberg does better than any other writers is communicate lots of big ideas to the widest possible audience they can reach….Jonah’s book imitates and ultimately transcends the great dorm-room bull session. And he will use every hook he can get into the reader. It’s an uncommon gift.”
Michael Brendan Dougherty, staff writer, National Review

“Progressives and conservatives will have their disputes with this book, but the conversations are well worth having.”
Library Journal

[Suicide of the West] makes a simple, vitally important argument about gratitude and perpetuation. And it synthesizes the research and theories of dozens of sociologists, historians, and economists in a new and helpful way. If Suicide of the West—like Goldberg’s first book, the bestseller Liberal Fascism—comes to be so widely read and debated that it shapes the public understanding of its subject, we will be much better off for it.
Adam Keiper, The Weekly Standard

Suicide of the West is primarily an apologetic for liberal democratic capitalism, but it is also an astute explanation of how we got to where we are as a nation. It is in this form most valuable, and recommendable on its insight alone.”
-Charles Fain Lehman, Washington Free Beacon

“…ambitious, engrossing, and provocative…splendid…”
Commentary magazine

Suicide of the West, for all its serious intent and ominous title, is a necessary read for today’s intellectual drought. By refreshing readers’ knowledge of the origins of the Miracle and how it helped spread freedom, increased wealth and alleviated poverty and associated miseries over the course of the past two centuries, Goldberg irrigates the nearly parched roots of conservatism and its branches of small government, lightly regulated markets and virtuous living. One hopes he’s not too late.”
Bruce Edward Walker, Acton Institute

“…a fascinating book.”
Russ Roberts, host, Econtalker podcast

“[Jonah] is without peer in his ability to reinforce the deepest and most significant truths embedded in American democracy. His command of history, culture, and political philosophy — not to mention his delightfully engaging prose — is on full display in this masterpiece.”
-David L. Bahnsen and Brian G. Mattson  

“Goldberg’s defense of classical liberalism is lucid, sincere, and enjoyable to read.”
-Rachel Lu, The Public Discourse

“…a modern classic for the conservative canon.”
-The Resurgent

“[Suicide of the West] musters wit and wisdom to make the case that our current trajectory is nothing short of an existential threat to the survival of Western society and that only a fundamental course correction might save us…provocative and formidable, a sweeping three-part narrative of the development of contemporary American culture and what ails it.”
Josh Wester, The Gospel Coalition

“…I highly recommend Suicide of the West, for our leaders as well as our citizens.”
Matthew Stokes, Alabama Daily News