Here are the shownotes for Remnant episode 47: The Sweet Mystery of Anthony Kennedy, with Ilya Shapiro.

Ilya’s last appearance on the Remnant.

The opening of the Ark of the Covenant.

Conan’s prayer to Crom.

The Once and Future Swing Vote.

The Sweet Mystery of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Trump’s SCOTUS nominee list.

“You stupid f**k, look at you now!”

Ed Whelan’s tweets about the Democrats and the filibuster.

The Wayfair decision.

The Janus decision.

The travel ban decision from Trump v. Hawaii.

The #WhatTheFluff challenge, in which people trick their dogs into thinking they’ve disappeared.

Kagan’s dissent in the Janus case can be found on page 56.

Conversations with Kristol.

Sotomayer’s dissent in Trump v. Hawaii can be found on page 65.

The Postal Service proves Santa is real.

The four species of Beltway Republicans (including the Remnant!).

One of the OJ Simpson Hertz commercials.

Krauthammer’s appearance on Conversations with Kristol.

The Commentary podcast.

Michael Brendan Dougherty on why he didn’t think Kennedy should leave the court.

Jeffrey Rosen’s book The Most Democratic Branch, which argues the Supreme Court does the most for democracy among the branches.

My Corner post on progressives and power.

Last week’s Remnant episode with Luke Thompson.

Peter Berkowitz’s book Varieties of Conservatism in America.

And his other book Varieties of Progressivism in America.

My back and forth with Conrad Black.

My piece on whether the Enlightenment was racist.

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All About Eve.

The debut episode of Young Americans, Jack’s new Ricochet podcast.