Here are links/elaborations of things mentioned in Episode 26: Hillary’s Pillory, Lamb’s Slaughter:

Childhood’s End, the book mentioned as describing a child’s psychic exploration of the universe. 

An explanation of the Kwisatz Haderach, a prophesied child in the Dune universe.

My latest anti-Hillary rant in response to Hillary’s latest anti-voter rant.

The New Yorker story mentioned about the two Russian brothers who tried to calculate the digits of Pi.

The Human Progress data on the percentage of people in nations around the world who are willing to live next to neighbors of a different race.

The Andy McCarthy episode:

Episode 24: Lawyer, guns, and money (minus the money) shownotes

My latest appearance on Fox News.

My first article on Bill Clinton, published three months before Jack was born (go to page 6).

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