Here are links/elaborations of things mentioned in Remnant Episode 32: Blarney Tim Carney:

The column Tim Carney was working on before and after he recorded this episode.

More information about Tim Carney’s first book, The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money.

The Buzzfeed article about Trump’s $150,000 payment for a 2015 Ukraine speech that Tim mentioned.

Gabriel Kolko, an iconoclastic historian and critic of crony capitalism whose work I mentioned Tim introduced me to.

One of Thomas Sowell’s many columns on private business vs. government segregation in the South.

Thomas Nast, a 19th century political cartoonist mentioned in conversation.

The latest Ricochet GLoP Culture podcast, which I recorded just before this episode and so some of my material overlaps.

My Corner post on Michael Cohen, Fixer.

A Ross Douthat column that uses the four-quadrant chart on American political affiliation which Tim mentioned.

Robert Frost’s poem “Build Soil,” which Tim mentioned.

-The AEI panel with Yascha Mounk in which I participated, a recording of which you can find at this link.

When Tim Carney camped out with Occupy Wall Street.

-More information on Robert Nisbet’s The Quest for Community, which we discussed.

-More information on Herman Kahn’s Thinking about the Unthinkable, which Jonah mentioned in conversation (and which Stanley Kubrick lampooned in Dr. Strangelove).

-Information about my speech at Denison University today (4/11).