Dear Readers (and other interested parties),

You may have heard that Steve Hayes and I are up to something . It’s true. We are. And we are very excited about it (there are a few other emotional states in the mix as well).

I keep hearing from people who want to know more about our new media venture. I’m – we’re – happy to share what we can, but the truth is we can’t share much. We’re talking to investors. We’re refining the business model and having a ton of conversations with possible partners, sponsors, employees, etc. And while we’re making progress and we’re immensely grateful for the enthusiasm and support, we’re also cautiously optimistic about everything. It just doesn’t make a ton of sense to start counting chickens, never mind bragging about them, before they’re hatched.

Moreover, as I am still working for National Review, an institution I love and I owe a lot to, it just feels more than a little unseemly to tout this new thing on any of my National Review platforms (The G-File, The Remnant, the Corner etc.). So I’m just posting this here to let you know that exciting things are coming down the pike. I’ll share more here when I can.  

If you’re interested in signing up for the very first newsletter of the new venture, please send an email with the subject header “Sign Me Up” to [email protected] (if you already emailed us about that, don’t worry; we’ve got you down). If you’re curious about employment or other partnerships and opportunities, you can write to us at that address too. We promise that we will never share or sell your email.

In the meantime, on behalf of Steve and myself, I want to thank everyone who has offered encouragement and support. This is a momentous move for both of us, and the good will from so many means a great deal to us both.

Very sincerely,