Here are shownotes for Remnant Episode 94: International Podcast of Mystery:, use promo code Dingo

On loving curses 

-On hard collusion skepticism 

-Will Saletan on Barr’s weasel words

-The second David French Remnant

-Dissolve the people and elect another

-Charlotte Allen (not Charlotte Hays) on the Southern Poverty Law Center

-(Though Charlotte Hays has also written on this topic) 

-Buy the underrated Tyranny of Clichés

-And Liberal Fascism 

Gargoyles: Guardians of the Gate

-The National Cathedral’s Darth Vader grotesque 

-Listen to the GLoP podcast 

-The Foodlovers Tour

-The G-File

Heaven On Earth – Joshua Muravchik 

Values Matter Most – Ben Wattenberg 

-The Sally Satel Remnant 

-Jack’s podcast, Young Americans 

Jack’s appearance on the Legendarium podcast discussing The Silmarillion (and further discussion on Ricochet)

-Conan O’Brien’s sensual podcast with Jeff Goldblum 

Jack’s viral tweet (follow him @jackbutler4815)

-The Economic Report of the President’s suspicious intern names