Here are the shownotes for Remnant episode 9: Arguing at the Right-Wing Thanksgiving Dinner Table, with Matt Continetti, editor of the Free Beacon.

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Be better than Rich Lowry, read The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945, by George Nash now.

Justin Raimondo’s book on the Old Right.

The Making of the American Conservative Mind, by Jeffrey Hart.

More about J.T. Flynn.

And Alcove 1.

Irving Kristol’s anti-anti-McCarthy argument.

Barry Goldwater, extremism in the defense of liberty.

Irving Kristol, Two Cheers for Capitalism.

My NR piece on why it’s a mistake to ask how conservatives lost the libertarians.

Ronald Reagan on how Goldwater was the John the Baptist of the conservative movement in America.

Me waiting for the Sweet Meteor of Death to save us.

You shall not pass!

Ramesh Ponnuru’s piece on right-wingers turning away from conservatism.

Trilling’s “irritable mental gestures.”

O’Sullivan’s law.