So if you’re here, you’re at least marginally curious about something about … me. This might mean you need to seek help. It might mean you hate my guts. It might mean you’re a friend, fan, or family member. Heck, it might mean you just really like my dogs and can’t get enough of them on Twitter.

All of these are defensible reasons to visit my personal website.

Other good excuses:

  • You want to find out about an upcoming speaking engagement or media appearance.
  • You’re desperate for information about the forthcoming Esperanto edition of Suicide of the West.
  • You heard something on my podcast, The Remnant, and you want more information (I’ll be posting follow up links and stuff related to the podcast here).

This is the place for all that too. But the primary reason I caved to the intensely moderate pressure from my publisher to create this thing is to help promote my new book, Suicide of the West.

All of the things people do to promote their books will be done here — or at least almost all of them (for all I know, there are people who do some horrible or vile things to promote their books. No animals will be harmed in the operation of this website). I’ll be responding to reviews, posting links to my appearances, answering questions from readers (and listeners), offering praise to Crom, etc., here.

If you have questions or suggestions, click on over to the contact page.

It promises to be a grand time. Thanks for stopping by.