Here are links/elaborations of things mentioned in Remnant Episode 33: The Nacho Situation, with Scott Lincicome:

-My website list of upcoming public appearances.

-My website landing page for buying Suicide of the West

-My National Review magazine excerpt of Suicide of the West.

David Brooks’ review of my book for The New York Times.

Daniel McCarthy’s semi-review of my book for Modern Age.

My AEI colleague Dalibor Rohac’s semi-review of my book for The American Interest.

Scott Lincicome’s Cato Institute biography, which confirms that he teaches at Duke and not another North Carolina school.

L’espirit de l’escalier, a feeling amplified by podcasts.

Shrute bucks, a worthless currency.

An example of clearheaded economic thinking from 1990s Paul Krugman.

The last Scott Lincicome Remnant episode.

Scott Lincicome’s paper on global subsidy rules.

My AEI video on the “Blade Runner” curse.

-The origin of the word “kowtow.”

Twitter’s Own the Libs bot.

Did Michael Cohen attend the worst law school in the country?