Here are shownotes for episode 35: Enchanting Creeds and the Enchanted Isle with National Review senior contributor Michael Brendan Dougherty:

Proud To Be Right, an anthology of young conservative voices published in 2010 in which Michael Brendan Dougherty (MBD) has an essay.

-My appearance on “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” 

-Erick Erickson using this podcast as an example of how not to suck.

-MBD on Suicide of the West.

-David Brooks’ review of Suicide of the West

-Find all of my book tour media on this website’s media page.

-The National Review excerpt of Suicide of the West.

-Buy Suicide of the West

-The Charles Murray episode of the Remnant.

-Max Boot feels the pull of identity. 

Journal of Forgotten Days by Albert Jay Nock. 

-Johanns Fichte and Herder, German nationalists I mentioned.

-My interview on “The Daily Show,” which was unexpectedly civil and constructive.

-Ditto for my “Morning Joe” interview.

-Patrick Pearse, the Irish nationalist MBD mentioned.

-The Putnam study (again).