Here are shownotes for Remnant Episode 130: Iowa Law, with Adam White:

-The Niall Ferguson episode

-Adam White

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-On misunderstanding Social Darwinism

-The Russ Roberts episodes: here and here

-Buy Tyranny of Clichés!

The Metaphysical Club – Louis Menand 

-Adam White in Commentary on Congress

-Washington Post on Trump and the Wall

-Adam White in the Weekly Standard on impeachment

Is Administrative Law Unlawful – Philip Hamburger 

-Matt Spalding on administrative law

-GMU’s Center for the Study of the Administrative State 

Judicial Fortitude – Peter Wallison 

-Federalist No. 37 (“laws are always vague”)

By the People – Charles Murray

-Charles Murray and Adam White podcast 

Crisis of the House Divided – Harry Jaffa 

A New Birth of Freedom – Harry Jaffa 

The Least Dangerous Branch – Alex Bickel 

-For more on the Jaffa/Berns/Bork debate, see here, or here

Inventing Freedom – Daniel Hannan 

Suicide of the West – Jonah Goldberg

The Right Side of History – Ben Shapiro 

-Sign up for the G-File

-The GoP GLOP (sans Rob Long) 

-Sid Goldberg, Hop Bird

-Jack’s podcast, Young Americans (and the latest episode, with Dune references)

-Jack’s Dune podcasts: here, and here 

Farewell to Alms – Gregory Clark 

-The British-accented Remnant episodes: Charles Cooke (here and here), Daniel HannanNiall Ferguson 

-The Iowa Remnant

-The GoP podcast (without Rob Long)