Here are the shownotes for Remnant Episode 38: Econtalked – Part II with Hoover Institution Fellow and Econtalk podcast host Russ Roberts.

-Remnant episodes with Matt Continetti and Megan McArdle.

-F.A. Hayek’s Nobel Prize Lecture: “The Pretence of Knowledge.”

The Fatal Conceit by F.A. Hayek, recommended by Russ and me.

The calculation debate, which socialists lost, and always will.

-“The Use of Knowledge in Society” by F.A. Hayek.

-“I, Pencil” by Leonard Read.

The man who made his own sandwich completely from scratch…for $1,500.

-Buy Suicide of the West.

George Borjas on Econtalk. 

We Wanted Workers by George Borjas.