Here are the shownotes for Remnant episode 50: The British American Conservatarian Florida Man.

People’s Front of Judea

Kevin Kline holding John Cleese out a window

My conversation with Paul Ryan

How Charlie Cooke fell in love with the United States

Peter Schramm on being American By Choice

The Ilya Shapiro episodes of Remnant: “Get Me Another Shapiro!” and “The Sweet Mystery of Anthony Kennedy

Charlie’s journey to gun rights advocate

Me on the Beaconsfield position.

I wrote about Las Vegas in Vol. 54, Issue 9 of National Review: The article was titled “Living In Sin”

The Megan McArdle episode, in which drug legalization was also discussed 

Theodore Dalrymple against legalizing drugs

Wickard v. Filburn

The Conservatarian Manifesto by Charles C.W. Cooke 

Jack’s review

Seymour Martin Lipset’s example of the national characteristics of the U.S. versus Canada, from his book American Exceptionalism: A Double-edged Sword, page 21:

“This point may be illustrated by examining the results when the American and Canadian governments tried to change the system of measurements and weights to metric from the ancient and less logical system of miles and inches, pounds and ounces. A quarter century ago, both countries told their citizens that in fifteen years, they must use only metric measurements, but that both systems could be used until a given date. The Canadians, whose Tory-monarchical history and structures have made for much greater respect for and reliance on the state, and who have lower per capita crime, deviance, and litigiousness rates than Americans, conformed to the decision of their leaders and now follow the metric system, as anyone who has driven in Canada is aware. Americans ignored the new policy, and their highway signs still refer to miles, weights are in pounds and ounces, and temperature readings are in Fahrenheit.”

Buy Suicide of the West

The end of my kerfuffle with Michael Doran 

Edmund Burke on why he owes the electors of Bristol his judgment

Charlie Cooke and Occupy Wall Street

Charlie Cooke and Young Chuck Norris 

Caveman – mosquito lands on Dennis Quaid’s face


Constitution prohibits bills of attainder

The Beacons are lit!

Young Americans



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My Thursday Special Report appearance

My Friday NPR appearance